November 24, 2017
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" We all know how the size of sums of money appears to vary in a remarkable way according as they are being paid in or paid out. "

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Exchange Rate
The Japanese Yen - JPY is the official currency of Japan.The Japanese Yen - JPY exchage rates provided below are for information only. The currency exchange rates database is updated every hour from trusted sources. The following table provides Japanese Yen - JPY to other currencies exchange rates.

Japanese Yen - JPY exchange rates currencies from Africa for today

Friday, November 24 2017
(Japanese Yen)
Currency Pair
DZD (Algerian Dinar)0.8165JPY to DZD
BWP (Botswana Pula)0.0888JPY to BWP
BIF (Burundi Franc)15.9348JPY to BIF
CVE (Cape Verde Escudo)0.8537JPY to CVE
KMF (Comoros Franc)3.8328JPY to KMF
DJF (Djibouti Franc)1.8594JPY to DJF
EGP (Egyptian Pound)0.0724JPY to EGP
ETB (Ethiopian Birr)0.1934JPY to ETB
GMD (Gambian Dalasi)0.378JPY to GMD
GNF (Guinea Franc)72.7102JPY to GNF
KES (Kenyan Shilling)0.8815JPY to KES
LSL (Lesotho Loti)0.1035JPY to LSL
LRD (Liberian Dollar)0.7916JPY to LRD
LYD (Libyan Dinar)0.0131JPY to LYD
MWK (Malawi Kwacha)3.3836JPY to MWK
MRO (Mauritania Ougulya)3.1197JPY to MRO
MUR (Mauritius Rupee)0.3211JPY to MUR
MAD (Moroccan Dirham)0.087JPY to MAD
NAD (Namibian Dollar)0.1044JPY to NAD
NGN (Nigerian Naira)1.6556JPY to NGN
PGK (Papua New Guinea Kina)0.0232JPY to PGK
RWF (Rwanda Franc)6.7154JPY to RWF
STD (Sao Tome Dobra)191.1138JPY to STD
SCR (Seychelles Rupee)0.1229JPY to SCR
SLL (Sierra Leone Leone)44.7829JPY to SLL
SOS (Somali Shilling)14.7966JPY to SOS
ZAR (South African Rand)0.1036JPY to ZAR
SDG (Sudanese Pound)0.0455JPY to SDG
SZL (Swaziland Lilageni)0.1035JPY to SZL
TZS (Tanzanian Shilling)16.9022JPY to TZS
TTD (Trinidad Tobago Dollar)0.0663JPY to TTD
TND (Tunisian Dinar)0.0167JPY to TND
UGX (Ugandan Shilling)26.787JPY to UGX
YER (Yemen Riyal)2.2195JPY to YER
ZMK (Zambian Kwacha)53.754JPY to ZMK
ZWD (Zimbabwe Dollar)3.7447JPY to ZWD
GHS (Ghanaian Cedi)0.0208JPY to GHS
*Japanese Yen - JPY exchage rates table was last updated on 2013-06-12 07:10:20
The Japanese Yen - JPY uses the following currency graphic symbol (currency sign) :
The exchange rate of two currencies is the rated at which the currencies are exchanged. The term is also known as FX, forex rate or foreign exchange rate. The exchange rates of most currencies various from bank to bank but the main currency is set by each country national bank. The currency pair is the the quotation of the relative value of a currency unit against the unit of another currency in the foreign exchange market. For example if JPY/USD is 0.01 this means that 1 JPY = 0.01 USD. The inverse follows the same pattersn, if USD/JPY is 96.618 it means that 1 USD = 96.618 JPY.
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